Implementation and Transition

After managers are selected, clients are faced with the daunting task of executing the management of their portfolios. This process requires specialized skills to transition from the current portfolio to one incorporating the new manager lineup. Contracts need to be reviewed and communications issued to the custodian, terminated managers and new managers. Brokerage, commissions and recapture arrangements may need to be specified and execution costs identified and monitored. There are certain duties that will be handled by the custodian, while others are left up to the client. As a natural extension of our services, we assist clients with this process.

Some clients would prefer to outsource the entire process to transition service institutions. In these cases, we assist them with employing institutional transition services with the custodian or other qualified financial institution. In all cases, we provide valuable audit activities including cost monitoring and maximizing the efficiency of making the transition. Our services are included in our annual retainer fee without additional expense to the client.