Program Maintenance

We monitor your portfolio and total investment program to ensure conformity with established investment guidelines and to facilitate any changes that may become necessary. This process includes providing quarterly performance and "value added" reports to the client detailing market values and asset allocations provided by the managers and custodians. Client policy allocations are compared with actual allocations, indicating quarterly variance percentages and dollar values to facilitate periodic rebalancings.

We attend quarterly meetings with the client to evaluate the performance of all investments, asset classes and managers; provide an overview of general market conditions and insights into the performance of various asset classes, styles and markets influencing the performance of its portfolios; and review the progress of individual managers showing their performance versus benchmarks and performance goals.

We recommend changes of investment managers, policy asset mixes and investment policies as necessary. As an added measure, we conduct an annual review of each policy provision to assure compliance and to recommend action in cases where specific requirements are not being met.